Non-Alc G&T

Non-Alc G&T - StrangeLove Beverage Co

You don't need alcohol to have fun. Obviously literally every situation on the planet is more fun with alcohol involved, but we guess you don't necessarily need it. If you are committed to being the most boring person in the room, you can at least pretend you are kind-of-fun with this robust 'almost tricks you into it being a real G&T' botanical packed teetotaller's version of Four Pillars signature dry gin paired with our classic Indian Tonic No.8. Yum without the fun.


90ml Tonic No.8

30ml Four Pillars Bandwagon Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Plenty of ice



Ensure all your ingredients (including the spirit) are chilled.


First, in goes the Four Pillars Bandwagon non-alc spirit.


Top with tonic. Pour gently and treat the carbonation like an ingredient. Bubbles = flavour.


Garnish with your blood orange.

Tonic No. 8 (Indian Tonic Water) 180ml x 24

Tonic No. 8 (Indian Tonic Water) 180ml x 24

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