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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your products Vegan and/or Gluten Free?

Yes. Because our products are soft drinks, they generally don’t eat any animal products or gluten at all. They also, thankfully, don’t contain any.

Where are your products made?

Our products are all made in regional Victoria, near the Macedon Ranges. We picked that spot because the water is pure, the cows seem happy and we think it will make a nice place to see out the rest of the apocalypse.

Why aren’t your products Organic??? I’m very, very angry about this.

Really your anger is probably not about this, but we can only help by trying to make you nice drinks, therapy is currently sold separately. We were once, in a galaxy far away, fully Certified Organic, but it was very constricting as most of the ingredients we need to make interesting products aren’t grown locally (or in big enough quantities) to satisfy our production. One day, we had to decide whether to buy Organic Ginger Juice from China or non-Organic Ginger Juice from Buderim, QLD. We ultimately thought it was more important to support our local farmers than tick a box, because everyone knows that organic products in China aren’t even that organic 😉. That said, we still often use organic ingredients, we are just not certified Organic.

Why aren’t you answering my question right NOW. Don’t you know how important I am and that I have nothing better to do than send annoying emails???

It is because we are currently playing a drinking game based on who got the most amount of annoyed, angry emails this week. So we extend our gratitude to you, furious denizen of the interweb – you just scored someone here at StrangeLove HQ an extra Paloma. If you’d like to email one of our competitors please click here or here.

Infrequently Asked Questions

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Should I call my first born son Damo?

Damo is a beautiful name, if your son is being born in 1984 and holds aspirations to be a petty criminal who loiters around the Craigieburn train station scabbing Winfield Blue cigarettes.

Is the founder of StrangeLove a handsome man?

If you find one of those old potato's you find in the back of the cupboard, that's kind of grey and sprouting weird growths from it's torso attractive, then yes, he is the handsomest.

HELP! I am having an existential crisis - what should I do?

Howl at the full moon, re-align your chakras, feng shui your living room, watch an episode of Dr.Phil and most importantly, pour yourself a drink.

Where is my mind?

Security footage suggests that you left your mind on the Revolver nightclub dance floor at approximately 10.23am, Sunday 7th July 2022. Check there.