Lime and Jalapeño Lo-Cal Soda

Fresh, zesty limes sourced from the lush citrus farms of regional Victoria, spiked with the moderate heat of the jalapeño pepper. Not for the faint-hearted - this is for those who like a little zest, with a touch of fire on the chest.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is lime soda?

As tempting as it is to simply state ‘ Lime Soda is lime-flavored soda’ we could probably provide you with a little more detail about this particular lime soda. Fresh lime juice, combined with crisp Australian carbonated water, a touch of cane sugar (approx 4g per 100ml) to carry flavour and finally a kick of jalapeño pepper to remind you that you are, in fact, still alive.

Is lime soda good for your health?

StrangeLove Lo-Cal Soda is not touted as a health drink. We don’t claim to fix your gut, fix your porous skin, fix your attention deficit disorder and it most definitely won’t fix your marriage. It's a soda formulated with a flavour first - sugar second - mindset. Containing 4g of sugar per 100ml (or 12g per serve), around 53 calories per serve and using only natural, locally sourced ingredients, it's a more considered soda made for the culinary minded. While it's not a health drink, it is a healthier alternative to full-sugar or diet soft drinks.

What goes with lime soda?

Simply add any quality tequila or mezcal for the simplest marg this side of Tijuana.

Are your products Vegan and/or Gluten Free?

Yes. Because our products are soft drinks, they generally don’t eat any animal products or gluten at all. They also, thankfully, don’t contain any.

Are your ingredients locally sourced? 

Approximately 97% of our ingredients are grown, made or produced in Australia. The obvious exceptions being certain extracts or specialty ingredients like Yuzu juice. But we have a friend of a friend who just put in (two!) Yuzu trees so we should be sorted for a few Yuzus by the year 2035.

Where are your products made?

Our products are all made in regional Victoria, near the Macedon Ranges. We picked that spot because the water is pure, the cows seem happy and we think it will make a nice place to see out the rest of the apocalypse.

What mixed packs do we offer?

This is quite possibly the simplest question in the history of questions to answer, scoot your cute little butt over to our 'Mixed Packs' section for a wide selection of our finest pre-packaged multi-pack offerings.

Infrequently Asked Questions

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How many km's is it from Cragieburn train station to Tijuana?

12,772 km

What is the most amount of Taco's eaten in one sitting?

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut broke the world record for most eaten tacos back in 2017 when he ate 126 tacos in 8 minutes. Following this, he then broke the record for most diarrhoea expelled from a human in a 24 hour period.

Why doesn't anyone like me?

Probably because you ask beverage websites stupid questions. And have a bad haircut.

Will I ever find true love?

True love is an outdated concept, a myth, a pipe dream sold by big Pharmaceutical companies for profit. StrangeLove recommends saving the heartache associated with costly divorce litigations and 50/50 custody arrangements - by simply enjoying the fact that dying alone is the best option we have in this modern world.

What is the meaning of life?

Pretty existential question to be asking a soft drink provider, but here goes. We think that the meaning of life, is to find meaning in life. And to purchase exorbitant amounts of soft drinks from this website, obviously.

Can you write me a poem?

Sure... Roses are red. Violets are blue. Garlic bread. Blink 182.