gin and tonic recipe

This is a beautiful, complex gin that deserve's a bit of a light touch. Over 90%of the botanicals in Dodd's gin – which include Juniper and Angelica, red raspberry, bay laurel, lime peel, and cardamom – are organic, as is the base spirit. A slight sweetness is added from the inclusion of honey, sourced from the rooftops of London.

In terms of pairing, our Light Tonic is perfect here - a mild burst of sweetness and complex, sustained bitterness helps lift Dodd's into a perfect G&T without overpowering it. This is one for the purists.


50ml Dodd's Gin
A Sprig of Rosemary
100ml StrangeLove Light Tonic Water


Get everything cold - the glass, the gin, the tonic, even the rosemary. If this g&T was a person, it would be wearing a black turtleneck and quoting Kant - no room for warmth here. Pour the gin into a frosty glass, top with tonic, and lovingly place ice on top. Bruise your sprig to release its oils (in the most loving way possible). Recline - you are a truly remarkable human being, well done.