tonic water strangelove

Our dirty tonic water is perfectly matched with herbaceous gins, and Animus Arboretum is a best-in-class example of that. The gin itself contains - Lemon thyme, rosemary, strawberry gum leaf, oranges and native bush tomato emboldened with classic gin notes of juniper, coriander seed, and citrus.

With our dirty tonic containing rosemary, orange peel, citrus oil and sea salt, it's as if these two were soul mates in a past life. Together they make for complex, sophisticated and unique herbaceous gin and tonic experience.



50 ml Animus Arboretum Gin
100ml StrangeLove Dirty Tonic Water
Twist of lemon peel


Get everything cool - the gin, the tonic, the glass. Pour 50ml of gin into the glass, and gently top with 100 ml of tonic. Place in a large cube or sphere of ice. A twist of lemon peel will do the trick here nicely, or if you want to double down on rosemary, a sprig of that will also do nicely.